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What I Do

Write the stories that get you noticed and boost your credibility.

Case Studies

Leverage the stories of your satisfied customers to demonstrate the benefits of your products, services and ideas. Your current customers are the best advocates to increase your business and marketing. Customer stories and case studies provide a perfect platform/vehicle for you to validate your successes.


It’s time you put advertorials to use to generate leads, drive sales, build your brand and improve your ROI. Advertorials are one of the most effective forms of marketing to convince readers to buy your product or service without the hard-sell tactics of traditional ads. Although their purpose is to sell, they aren’t ads. They’re stories. Stories that generate cost-effective, highly qualified leads!

Corporate Profiles

Attract investors and clients with an engaging, descriptive corporate profile that showcases your company’s mission and what it does. Your corporate profile must be concise, creative, and attention grabbing by focusing on pertinent information and presenting it in a way that readers will find interesting and engaging. You can use it to build the image and credibility of your organization and brand by distributing it to the media, the community, and stakeholders.

Brand Journalism

Boost your brand’s credibility with articles that allow you to speak directly to your key audience without bombarding them with marketing messages. Brand journalism involves telling real and interesting stories that audiences can relate to and make them want to know more about you. These corporate feature stories allow you to highlight certain people or aspects of your business to present to your audience in your brand’s own words. A well-told story is the best way to get your message across.



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